Friday, September 27, 2013

My Review of The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

This book was so bad. I hated it so much. Every guy (plus Jordan) was a douche, every girl (excluding Jordan) was annoying and dumb, and every person who came to Gatsby's party was drunk.

Gatsby and Tom made huge jerks out of themselves, and I couldn't stand them. Tom was rude to women, completely racist, and was mad that Daisy was having an affair, yet he himself was having an affair. Gatsby had his rude moments, but he really annoyed me because of how obsessed he was with Daisy. The guy was making himself into a stalker, and it just was so sad to read.

Daisy was just plain dumb. She wasn't sure who she was in love with and she tried so hard to be stupider than she already was.

Jordan was so mean to Nick. In the end of the book, she flat out tells him she hates him when he still is partially in love with her. Talk about rude. She wasn't stupid, Thank God, but I hated how rude she was to Nick.

Nick is very judgmental of everyone. He has his own secretive view of everyone. He also is the biggest third wheel ever. He is included in every situation, but most of them never happen to him.

George and Myrtle.... well.... they were just bad. George was nuts, and Myrtle was an annoying woman who thought she could get everything she wanted in life, but she couldn't.

Overall, it was a long and boring read. I didn't enjoy it at all. Most of the chapters dragged on forever, and the characters were too bad for me to actually like. I don't recommend this book to anyone. AT ALL.

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