Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Review of Evercrossed by Elizabeth Chandler

Wow. Another fantastic book by Chandler!

This one was a little bit weird starting out. She wrote this one years after finishing the third book in the series. The third book ends during the 1990's, when VCR's are still around. This book begins in modern times with a few of the characters having iPhones. That part was a bit confusing to me since this one begins a year after all the dramatic events happened in the first, second, and third books. I mean, how did they go from a VCR to an iPhone so fast?!?

Other than that, I really liked this one. It was almost like a repeat of events but with different and exciting outcomes. 
Unfortunately, this one kind of ends on a cliffhanger, so I'm hoping it gets resolved in the next book.

Overall, I loved it. It was another great read and I love that not only were Ivy, Beth, Suzanne (somewhat), and Will in it, but that Chandler added Kelsey and Dhanya (that's how it's spelled) into it. It definitely made things more interesting.

I would recommend this book because it was just as good as the first three. Hoping the others are just as great!

My Review of The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

I got to say, at first, I didn't think the book would be as good as it was. The beginning was very slow and the ending was really weird, but other than that, the book was pretty good.

It really tugged at my emotions because the situations were so sad. Steinbeck wrote about actual events people had experienced and would tell him about, which makes this book all the more sad since it is a real person's story.

Overall, I enjoyed it a lot. I do recommend it to others. It is definitely a book worth reading.