Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Review of Zom-B Angels by Darren Shan

Wow! Another amazing book! Shan has definitely blown me away with this one!

After wandering for so long through the streets of London, B Smith finally discovers reviveds living in County Hall. these zombies call themselves Angels, instead of calling themselves zom heads like th zombies in the underground complex did.

Dr. Oystein, the leader of the Angels, created a place inside County Hall where any revived could come for refuge. Once B arrived, Dr. Oystein greets her and explains what is going on there. She is then trained to fight and begins to live there with the rest of the Angels.

This book really amazed me by the way that Shan tied in World War II to Dr. Oystein's life story. I was also amazed when Shan also portrayed Dr. Oystein as God and Mr. Dowling as Satan. He did a great job of bringing the two ideas together in one story. It was a grand treat.

Overall, I loved the book as much as I did the other ones and cannot wait to read the next book in the series. I recommend it to anyone looking for a book that will knock their socks off.